Residents and vacationers at the seaside can already use a well-developed network of car and bike sharing service “CityBee”. The car sharing service, which has gained popularity in Vilnius and Kaunas, is being launched at the seaside. Moreover, from now on it will be possible to commute by “CityBee” cars between three major cities and seaside resorts, picking them up in one city and leaving them in another. Orange “CityBee” bikes will appear in the streets of Klaipėda, Palanga and Nida for the first time.

Klaipėda city Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas says that the coast has one of the best bicycle infrastructures in the country, therefore, the emergence of new services will complement the existing urban and suburban transport systems and will allow residents and holiday-makers to move in a more comfortable and healthy way.

“The launch of two networks at the same time is great news for those who search for alternative ways of transport. In summer the seaside is filled with cars, so cars and bikes dedicated for sharing will reduce the traffic flow and help to reach the required destination more conveniently. The seaside has one of the best-developed cycling infrastructures in the country, therefore, orange bicycles will give a possibility to try out and choose a healthy way to travel,” says V. Grubliauskas.

Lukas Yla, the Head of “CityBee”, says that the company constantly seeks to be closer to customers. Six months ago Vilnius and Kaunas were joined and this summer “CityBee” is starting car and bike sharing business at the Lithuanian coast. “This year is special because, along with the car sharing network, the bike sharing service is introduced for the first time at the seaside. Many people cannot imagine summer without the bicycle, therefore, there will be more opportunities for both the residents and holiday-makers to use this two-wheeled vehicle,” says L. Yla.

This year at the seaside a network of orange bicycles will be launched. Klaipėda, Palanga and Nida are equipped with several dozens of bike sharing stations, where it will be possible to rent 100 bicycles for leisure or a trip. The bicycle network is developed after having analysed the most popular routes and the needs of the residents. 

Source: VŽ