“HeidelbergCement” is strengthening its position in the country’s concrete production market

Povilas Bradulskis, the CEO of “HeidelbergCement” cement group of companies in Lithuania, said that after the implemented development there is an ambition to become the second largest player this year for the ready-mix concrete market.

Companies belonging to one of the largest cement manufacturers in the world, German “HeidelbergCement”, have invested nearly 5 million euro in their development in Lithuania. Over the past two years the group has opened four new concrete plants and significantly expanded its concrete truck fleet.

Mr. Bradulskis states that there has been no such significant investment into the field of concrete production in Lithuania over the last decade.

“We have strong share-holders who are happy with our activity results. Their decision to invest was driven by the stable consumption of the gradually growing Lithuanian market,” the CEO said.

So far, the group has been producing concrete in Lithuania only at the cement terminal operating in Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (FEZ) and at the Panevėžys Concrete Plant. Last year and this year two new concrete production bases were opened in Vilnius, as well as one in Alytus and one in Kaunas.

Mr. Bradulskis estimates that the total investment amounted to about 3.5 million EUR and 1.5 million EUR was  invested in the development of transport fleet. It currently consists of 30 concrete trucks and 10 concrete pumps.

During the year the companies of “HeidelbergCement” group import about 150.000 t of concrete from a cement factory in Gotland, Sweden, which is shipped to Klaipėda port.