Klaipėda will promote the use of electric cars: the network of charging stations will be greatly expanded

Klaipėda city municipality is going to increase the number of charging stations for electric vehicles in the city dramatically. Seaport authorities promise that by 2020 their number will grow up to 18 units.

According to the press release of Klaipėda municipality, there are four charging stations currently working in the town: two of them are private and two of them equipped by municipality.

“In order to encourage people to use clean vehicles, we need to create the necessary infrastructure. For the development of the network of docking stations we will use an opportunity to equip charging stations from EU funds: we hope to get 102,000 EUR. 18,000 EUR we will add from the municipality budget; for this purpose we will use a part of the funds collected from parking fees in paid zones,” says Saulius Budinas, the Director of Klaipėda City Municipality Administration.

In order to encourage people to use electric vehicles, their owners will be provided with concessions in Klaipėda: they will receive permits to park their vehicles for free in toll areas, electric cars will be allowed to use public transport lanes and drive through Tiltų street.

Source: VŽ

Photo: www.Electron.lt