Breathe easy here

 Breathe easy here 

Klaipėda has always had a special role among Lithuanian cities.

Due to its unique nature and convenient public transport system, Klaipėda can be called a city with clean air and sea breezes which is often bypassed by the routine. The versatile livelihood structure, good selection of education, culture, and services, as well as the sea, form a magnetic combination in Klaipėda.

So Klaipėda is one of the most popular travel destinations in Lithuania.

Compact and convenient

Due to its well-functioning public transport system, this compact city with its 98 sq. km area is very convenient to live, work and play in.
Klaipėda was the first city in Lithuania which installed and started the development of an e-ticket system for its public transport. A huge purchase of LPG-powered buses has been planned.
81 km of bicycle lanes connect the residential and recreational areas. The sections of the Seaside Cycle Route, which was the first officially marked bicycle route with signs in the country, all meet together in Klaipėda.