Annual changes in export structure



The main export market in Klaipėda region of finished goods from the EU, which sold 74.4% of the foreign markets for the production. 6.1% of the production goes to the EU countries, which are mainly to: Germany (11.5%), Sweden (10.3 %) and Poland (9.6%), Latvia and United Kingdom.

FURNITURE, ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND FISH PRODUCTS - the most successful in 2014. These three product groups contributed most to the Lithuania and Klaipeda export volume of support and jointly formed +295 million EUR gains (for comparison, all Lithuanian exports fell by 1,044 bln. EUR). Very bad years occurred oilman whose exports fell by 29% or 1.4 billion. EUR and led to the overall decline in exports of Lithuania. Although faced with difficulties in Russia, butchers and dairy farmers were able to maintain similar to the 2013 level of exports.

During the eight months of 2016 year compared with 2015 during the same period, exports decreased by 2.6%. This decrease is due to dropped oil products (25.5%), fertilizers (25.3%) and exports of edible fruits and nuts (51.8%). Due to the reduction in price of petroleum products exports decreased, while the assessment of the volume exported was 10.3% more.

Meanwhile, goods, excluding mineral products exports increased by 2.1%, exports of goods of Lithuanian origin (excluding mineral products) increased by 4.2%.

2016 January –august exports amounted - 14.4 billion. Eur, last year in the same period - 14.8 billion. Eur. This year, exports grew the most in the US - 20% compared with 2015 January and August months. The Sweden-exports by 15.3%, in Norway - 10.5% more.
Total exports to Russia fell by 5.9%, goods of Lithuanian origin - 11.8%. This was mainly due to decreasing in machinery and mechanical appliances and parts, fertilizers, as well as furniture exports. Meat and dairy products have not been completely covered.

2016 in January-August, Lithuania mostly exported to: Russia (13.2%), Latvia (9.9%), Poland (9.4%) and Germany (7.9%).

However, goods of Lithuanian origin were exported to Germany (10.3%), the United States (8.9%), Poland (7.4%), Latvia (7.4%), Sweden (6.8%).

2016 In January-August, Lithuania mainly exported machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical equipment (14.6%), mineral products (13.5%) and the chemical and allied industries (11.3%).

The goods of Lithuanian origin were exported mineral products (18.4%), miscellaneous manufactured articles (12.3%), prepared foodstuffs, beverages, alcoholic drinks and tobacco (9%).

Aditional value structure in Klaipeda region (%) in  2015







Wholesale and retail trade; transport; accommodation and food service activities


Information and Communication


financial and insurance activities


Real estate transactions


Professional, scientific and technical activities; administrative and support service activities


Public administration and defense; education; human health and social work


Arts, entertainment and recreation; repair of household goods and other services