The latest economic rates in Klaipeda region and city

Klaipėda - the center of the region with great economic, cultural and social activities and the concentration of one of the largest salary in the country.

Collectively Klaipėda region's economy and business has been developing in a positive direction - decreasing unemployment, an increase in new start-up companies, growing regional GDP created, increasing the average wage. The greatest contribution to the development of the region comes from the Seaport of Klaipėda, which recently had set a new record in the region by handling more than 4 million tonnes of cargo per one month.

The successful development of the port activity not only contributes to more than 30 percent of the region's gross domestic product, but also to create a business environment more than 800 companies, whose activities are directly related to the port. The next regional engine - exporting manufacturing companies, particularly dominated by furniture manufacturers. Almost 40 percent the total exports of the region is generated by companies based in the Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (FEZ).

Klaipėda County GDP in 2016 4,282 M EUR
Klaipėda County's share in total Lithuanian GDP in 2016 11.10%
Nominal growth of GDP in region in 2016 -1.00%
Klaipėda County GDP per capita 13,300 EUR
Entities in Klaipėda city in 2017 6,261
Entities in Klaipėda region in 2017 10,990
Entities number in Klaipėda city for 1000 inhabitans 41.7
Total FDI of Klaipėda region in 2017 1,114 M EUR
Klaipėda County's share in total Lithuanian FDI in 2016 8.00%
FDI for 1000 inhabitants in 2017 in Klaipėda region 3,501 EUR
FDI for 1000 inhabitants in 2017 in Klaipėda city 5,559 EUR
Central government consumption , 2017 Q2 3,453 M EUR
Average wage in Klaipėda County in 2017 Q4 (Gross) 807 EUR
Klaipėda city inhabitants in 2017 Q2 149,701
Klaipėda County inhabitants in 2017 Q2 318,003
Internal migration in Klaipėda County in 2016 717
International migration in the Klaipėda region in 2015 –3,997
Unemployment rate in Klaipėda, 2017 November 6.20%
Inflation rate in 2017 November vs 2016 November 3.50%
Central Government budget deficit per GDP in 2016 0.8% of GDP
Industrial space for rent in Klaipėda city 2017 3+ EUR/m2
Class A office rent in Klaipėda city 2017 7 - 12 EUR/m2