Free economy


The Klaipėda FEZ is one of the first and most effectively managed free economic zones in the region according to the number of investments attracted and jobs created. Within its 412 ha area, companies are provided with specific preferential economic and legal conditions for their production and warehousing operations. An engineering infrastructure has been created and continuously developed in the area in which more than 21.5 million EUR has been invested up to date from the European Union, national and private funds.

The Klaipeda FEZ has signed agreements with 28 foreign and Lithuanian companies, and 26 of these have already commenced their activities. Since the start of their operation, these companies have invested more than 577 million EUR in this economic zone. The Klaipėda FEZ is a recognised economic project of national significance.

In 2010, FDI Magazine, published by the Financial Times, ranked the Klaipėda free economic zone as 5th special economic zone in the category Best Facilities, and also was 19th in overall rating of the most attractive special economic zones in the world.

industrial real estate development, logistics and warehousing, production of plastic packaging and plastic pellets (PET), manufacturing of electronic devices, manufacturing of steel structures, metal processing, manufacturing of architectural glass, production of food packaging, processing of fish and its products, biodiesel production, electricity production from renewable sources, etc.

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