Construction of the Klaipeda swimming pool (50 m)

Klaipeda multifunctional health center construction
Description: The aim of the project - to build a 50 m long and 25 m wide basin (corresponding to the minimum requirements of the International Swimming Federation) with a wellness center, gym and other facilities, and to ensure favorable conditions for investment in the regional economy, the development of sport and tourist infrastructure.
The planned value of the project: 4,625,856.00 euros, of which EU funds *** - 11,564,519.00 euros, DP ** funds - 1,020,399.00 euros, SB * funds - 2,040,938.00 euros.
Design: 2015 October preparing technical project.

Construction: 2016 April - 2018 December

Project leader: Amber Dovidaitis, email., tel. No. (8 46) 39 61 08