Reconstruction, construction and adaptation of the bastion complex of Klaipeda's castle

Project: Atgimimo square arrangement, increasing the attractiveness of investment in promoting the flow of visitors.

Description: The project will aim to increase the attractiveness of the city's public spaces, to create in an attractive and safe living environment, triggering the Atgimimo Square, enhancing the attractiveness of investment and encouraging the flow of visitors. The project aims - Atgimimo Square and the access area (square space) arrangement, attractions, as the city's public space, meeting the different age and social groups, the creation and installation of in accordance with the territory of historical development.

The planned value of the project: 1,448,100.00, including: * SB funds - 164,975.50, DP ** funds - 109,975.50, *** EU funds - 1,246,389.00.

Design: 2016 May - 2017 July

Construction: 2018 January - 2019 July

Project manager: Monika Lygnugarienė, e mail.:, Phone. No. (8 46) 39 61 10

Feasibility study

* Municipal budget
** State Budget
*** The European Union