Target business sectors


         Klaipėda has always been a magnet for investors due to its exceptional geographical location. There were 5,946 companies in Klaipėda at the beginning of 2012, with 4,803 small and medium-sized companies among them.

Klaipėda’s dominant business sectors are:

  • Shipbuilding and repair. It has provided an indisputable advantage in guaranteeing success in the global market with the quality, attractive prices and sustainable development of its   port. Ship repair, construction and technical services are provided by 46 companies. The Lithuanian Shipbuilders and Repairers Association unites 30 companies which have about 4,000 employees.
  • Transportation and Logistics. Klaipėda is Lithuania’s major transport hub, connecting land, sea and railway routes. The area of the logistic centres in Klaipėda is more than 120,000 sq. m., and the annual growth in its new modern storage facilities throughout the region is around 49 %.
  • PET/ PVC. Klaipėda’s modern plastics factory was one of the first in Eastern Europe to produce multilayer PET containers. As an example, the NEO GROUP factory produces 308,000 tonnes of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) pellets annually, which accounts for 12 % of the amount produced in Europe.